Monthly Archives: May 2018

Mini-Grants in Action at Whitcomb Elementary

“Educating with Edison Pt. 1 and 2” are Mini-Grants awarded to Ms. Miller and Ms. Michalak at Whitcomb Elementary. Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students.

“Whitcomb would not have been able to sponsor a robotics coding club this spring without the generous funding through CCEF,” stated Ms. Miller. “Their enthusiasm is contagious and rewarding; they are learning about intervals, degrees and all the basics that a programmer needs to start coding. Next fall these students will be invited to join Edison Club Intermediate as we move from Edblocks to a more sophisticated programming language called Edware. It is our hope that the members of this spring’s coding club will also facilitate a Beginner’s Edison Club in spring 2019 as Whitcomb commences becoming a Leader in Me school. Thank you so much for providing our students with this opportunity!”

Mini-Grant in Action at Hall Elementary!

“Breakout Boxes” is a Mini-Grant awarded to Ms. Wilkerson at Hall Elementary. Breakout Boxes are a platform for engaging learning that spans across all subject areas. Students work together to find and solve clues around the room and within their given materials to open each of the locks. Students use skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. By using these skills, students are immediately driven by the challenge to get their box open first.

Ms. Wilkerson took some quotes from her 4th grade students:

“Breakout boxes were fun to do because we had to get into James Bond mode.”- Derek A.
“I liked the breakout boxes a lot because it was a fun way to do problem solving and work together as a team.”- Maya Q.
“I thought this activity was so much fun! It was like I was a detective solving clues to get the box open and I learned a lot.”- Caitlyn S.
“My favorite thing about the breakout boxes is solving the puzzles. It was really fun to find out what all the puzzles mean.”- Lexi M.
“The breakout boxes were really fun and are a lot better than just normal learning.”- Addison S.
“Breakout boxes can help students because it’s fun and it incorporates learning.”- Ruby M.

This Mini-Grant was partially funded by 2017 CCISD Citizen of the Year, Trent Martin.

CCEF has funded Breakout Boxes at other campuses such as Clear Creek High School, Clear Lake Intermediate and North Point Elementary!