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CCEF is proud to have funded over $3.2 Million to CCISD since 1992!

The Foundation has several programs and current funding priorities:

Educational GrantsCCEF is proud to offer the following Educational Grant Opportunities for CCISD teachers and students in order to help them take education to the next level:

  • Teacher Innovative Grants (TIG):  Teachers apply for Teacher Innovative Grants to implement innovative, hands-on instructional ideas that enrich the classroom learning experience in academic areas such as math, science, language arts and technology.
  • Student – Teacher Innovative Grants (STIG):  This program supports “Student Teacher Innovative Projects”.  An individual student or a team of students may apply under the guidance and sponsorship of a teacher.
  • Mini – Grants:  A Mini-Grant is intended to enhance classroom learning by providing needed resources that are not available.
  • Special Innovative Grants (SIG):  A Special Innovative Grant (SIG) is a large grant amount of up to $50,000 designed to encourage and support innovative teaching and learning on a large scale.
  • Science Fair Innovative Grants (SFIG): Secondary students may apply for a Science Fair Innovative Grant to enhance their science fair project.  Students must apply under the guidance and sponsorship of a teacher.

Clear Horizons Early College High School (CHECHS) -The Foundation supplements instructional funding for first-generation college students at Clear Horizons Early College High School, located at San Jacinto College South, who simultaneously earn a college associate degree and a high school diploma.

  • Enables and encourages high school students to be first-generation college students.
  • Helps students develop the necessary learning skills to succeed in both their high school and college courses.
  • The foundation awarded $60,000 to CHECHS for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Technology Education Labs-Technology Education Labs focus on Robotics and Audio/Video Production at the intermediate level with courses that offer students the critical knowledge and skills needed in technology education to compete in the workplace of the 21st century.

  • Students will also gain the soft skills needed for success in today’s workplace.
  • Promotes exploration, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and self-direction.

National Board Teacher Certification-CCEF champions district teachers and provides financial support for their coursework expenses associated with National Board Teacher Certification.

  • Encourages teachers to achieve the highest and most rigorous standards set by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Pushes teaching standards to the highest level.
  • 19 teachers have accomplished this with the help of CCEF since 2007.

Makerspaces – A community-operated workspace where people with common interest gather for peer learning and knowledge sharing.

  • CCEF was excited to offer innovative, creative learning opportunities through Makerspaces in all high school libraries starting in 2015.