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2017 – 2018 Clear Creek Education Foundation funds over $125,000 for Educational Grants for CCISD Teachers.

The Clear Creek Education Foundation visited 53 outstanding CCISD teachers on 27 campuses during the annual Sur-Prize Patrol on May 18th.  Teachers were surprised by the CCEF board members and community partners with Teacher Innovative Grants totaling over $125,000 that will impact over 30,000 CCISD students.  The Clear Creek Education Foundation awards teachers with grant money through their Teacher Innovative Grant Program, giving them the opportunity to take education to the next level and providing unique, hands-on learning experiences in the classroom.  Since the Foundation’s inception in 1992, over two and a half million dollars in Teacher Innovative Grants have been disbursed district-wide.

The impact of the Teacher Innovative Grants is tremendous.   Dr. Steve Ebell, CCISD Deputy Superintendent stated that, “It not only changes classrooms, it enhances teaching and provides opportunities that students would not normally have in the classroom”.

From bubble suits in physics, a mobile career lab at the elementary level, 3D pens and so many more impacting all subjects from literacy to STEM education, this year’s Teacher Innovative Grants were more innovative than ever and will impact over 30,000 students either directly or indirectly for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Funding from the Clear Creek Education Foundation is made possible thanks to the many Friends of the Foundation, individuals and businesses, who have partnered together to Support Educational Excellence in CCISD through the Teacher Innovative Grant Program.  The Foundation feels the Teacher Innovative Grant Program is a vital and necessary strategy in assisting teachers in maintaining the high level of achievement in CCISD.

Other opportunities for funding through CCEF’s educational grant program for Special Innovative Grants, Student-Teacher Innovative Grants and Mini Grants are also available to CCISD teachers and students throughout the remainder of the year.  Information on these funding opportunities can be found at www.ClearCreekEducationFoundation.org.

CLICK HERE to see the list of winners!