Mini-Grant in Action at Greene Elementary!

“Uniquely Cooking” is a Mini-Grant awarded to Ms. Magdaleno and Ms.Frey at Greene Elementary. With the grant money, they put together a cooking cart and supplemental cooking resources for the alternative academics classes to use when teaching weekly recipes using the Unique Learning curricula. The cart and the cooking materials can be easily accessible for all the classrooms to utilize and is shared with 3 classes on the campus. “The cooking activity pictured was called Personal Pilot Pasta but we decided to use a new small appliance (the crock pot) and do crock pot Mac ‘n cheese,” stated Ms. Magdaleno. “We try to modify the way we prepare food items to give the students exposure to the microwave, a stove top, grill, toaster over and crock pot to gain needed skills for their future.”They get so excited to let it cook in the classroom on Friday afternoons and taste their creations! Thank you CCEF!