Mini-Grant in Action at Robinson Elementary!

“Let Me Play With My LEGOs!”

Robinson Elementary School teacher, Sheryl Miller, was awarded the Mini-Grant, “Let me Play with My LEGOs” this school year to help implement LEGOs into her math lessons. With this Mini-Grant, students are able to manipulate LEGOs while learning the concepts of fractions, equivalent fractions, perimeter area, place value and multiplication.

“The LEGO grant has been a great motivator in our classroom. As soon as the students see the LEGOs they are excited and focused on the lesson.” said Sheryl Miller. “They enjoy using the toys they play with at home in an educational manner and see a connection between home and school.”

“The 3-D LEGO multiplication table is my favorite,” stated many third graders.

This Mini-Grant was generously sponsored by Nancy and Bob Anderson!