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Technology Education Labs at the Intermediate School Level

CCEF is proud to have funded a Technology Education Lab at all 10 intermediate schools in CCISD for a total of $300,000.

Robotics and Programming | Audio/Video Technology

Through Clear Creek ISD’s new intermediate school technology education courses, students will not only gain technical skills, but they will also gain the soft skills needed for success in today’s society. The courses are fundamentally based on the principles of exploration, collaboration, innovation, creation, and self-direction. These skills can be applied across multiple disciplines. Should students to go through these programs and decide to continue education related directly to course content, there are many advanced education and career opportunities available.

Robotics and Programming is a dynamic field involving the design, functional use and maintenance of robots. These machines are used in several capacities, including manufacturing, transportation, surgery, weaponry, safety, research and the mass production of consumer goods. Some other duties of both engineers and technicians include welding, installing safety systems, programming and reprogramming robots, reading and interpreting schematics, robot maintenance and repair, using hydraulic test equipment, failure analysis testing, robot installation and removal. Multiple career levels are available in robotics.

Post-Secondary Education possibilities:

Associate in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology
Associate of Science Engineering Technology
Associate of Science Computer Programming
Associate of Science in Manufacturing Technology
Bachelor of Science Software Applications Development
Bachelor of Science Software Development
Bachelor of Science Software Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science Industrial Automation Engineering Technology
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Programming
Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Career possibilities:
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Manufacturing Test Engineer
Reliability Engineer
Robot Perception Software Engineer
Software Manager
Contract Software Engineer
Robotics Technician
Robotics Engineer
Controls Engineer
Robotics Flight Controller
Aerospace Engineer
Aeronautics Engineer
Technical Manager for Software, Robotics, Simulation
Robotics Systems Engineer
Computer Programmer
Product Consultant/Demonstrator
Robot Service Engineer
Commodity Manager
Demand/Supply Planner
Audio Video Production is an exciting industry that has need of individuals with a diverse knowledge of both the operation characteristics and the technical information that’s used on a daily basis. The technology is complex, and a degree in audio video production is the ideal way to get a thorough grounding in the equipment used within the industry from which you can then move forward and specialize. With the rapidly growing media options of online content, this is a career path that leads towards an industry that is expanding almost on a daily basis.

Post-Secondary Education possibilities:
Associate of Science in Graphic Design
Associate of Science in Interactive Media
Associate of Applied Science Visual Communication
Associate of Applied Science Video Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Design
Bachelor of Arts Digital Media Production
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
Bachelor of Science Communications
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
Master of Fine Arts in Media Production
Master of Arts in Advertising

Career possibilities:
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians Broadcast News Analysts Broadcast Engineer Broadcast Journalists
Broadcast Technicians Camera Operators, Television, Video
Commercial and Industrial Designers Technical Editors Film and Video Editors Graphic Designers Media and Communication Workers, All Other Multimedia Artists and Animators Producers and Directors Public Address System and Other Announcers Public Relations Specialists Radio and Television Announcers Reporters and Correspondents Sound Engineering Technicians Technical Writers

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