Clear Horizons Early College High School


The Foundation supplements instructional funding for students at CHECHS, located at San Jacinto College South, who simultaneously earn a college associates degree and a high school diploma.

CCEF has awarded more than
to CHECHS since 2011!

Helps students develop the necessary learning skills to succeed in both their high school and college courses.

Enables and encourages high school students to be first-generation college students.

The Foundation awarded $60,000 to CHECHS for the 2018-2019 school year.

Clear Horizons Early College High School was established in 2007 on the campus of San Jacinto College South to provide opportunities to student populations who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education environments. Clear Horizons students graduate from San Jacinto College South with an associate degree as well as a high school diploma from CCISD.
Early college high school is a bold approach based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money, is a powerful motivator for students to work hard and meet serious academic challenges. Early College High Schools are designed so low-income youth, first-generation college goers, English language learners, and other populations traditionally underrepresented in higher education can simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an associate degree tuition free.

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