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Science Fair Innovative Grants (SFIG)

Application Process is NOW CLOSED and will open Spring 2019.


2018-2019 Science Fair Innovative Grant Guidelines

2018 – 2019 Science Fair Innovative Grant Recipients

Amount School Teacher/Student Co-Applicant Teacher Sponsor Name of Proposal Grant Summary
 $500.00 Clear Falls High Maggie Davidson Dr. Amanda Say DNA Sequencing of Bacteria Using MinION Technology I request funding for supplies to sequence bacterial DNA to strengthen my science fair project in collaboration with my NASA mentor, and to evaluate whether this new student-friendly technology should be used in the Clear Falls Biotechnology Program.
 $179.00 Clear Horizons Julie Trinh Kayla Nguyen Katie Bufford Oil of the Future We are attempting to make biodiesel through various different methods to see which one is the most effective eco-friendly diesel. We will be testing with vegetable oil, used cooking oil, pond algae, and grown Nannochloropsis algae species.
 $500.00 Seabrook Intermediate Caden Ganley Tammy Hyde Shark Bite Hoo Ha Ha To extend my science fair project studying the bacteria present in the oral cavities of sharks caught along the gulf coast. To determine if infections in shark bite victims are a result of bacteria present in the shark’s oral cavity.
 $500.00 Clear Lake High Vaidya Parthasarathy DR. Robert Hall The Missing Beat in the Stem-Cell Heart? Triggering Production of the Elusive T-Tubule Synthesis in hADSCs using MBNL1 Cardiac stem cell research has not helped patients with heart failure because the cardiomyocytes derived via stem-cells lack force and strength. The goal of this research would be to induce t-tubule genesis in-vivo for contractility in stem-cells.

About the Science Fair Project SFIG Opportunity:

Thanks to the “Arepalli-Karumuri Family Grant,” funds are available through the Clear Creek Education Foundation to help enhance CCISD Science Fair projects for the next school year.  This funding is in honor of some outstanding individuals and CCISD educators who have had a lasting impact on many CCISD students.

Award Amount:

The award amount for a Science Fair Innovative Grant (SFIG) is capped at $500 per request.

What is a Science Fair Innovative Grant (SFIG)?

  • This program supports secondary student’s science fair participants. An individual student or a team of students may apply under the guidance and sponsorship of a teacher.
  • SFIGs enhance student learning by stimulating student creativity and supporting innovative learning projects.
  • Must be sustainable for use in future years and not require additional CCEF funding.
  • SFIGs will be awarded for one-time, new or enhancements to science fair projects to be implemented within the 2018-2019 school year.
  • They will be awarded to individuals or teams enrolled in CCISD and must be sponsored by a CCISD teacher.
  • A student may only submit one grant application.
  • Projects are reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis.
  • These grants are intended to fund projects that are supported by CCEF’s mission and goals.
  • All materials purchased by these funds will be property of CCISD.

CCEF SFIGs will fund the following:

  • Student driven, innovative learning science projects
  • Enhancements of science fair projects

Interested in Supporting SFIGs?

  • Please contact us at 281.284.0031 for more information on how you can support this innovative learning opportunity for science fair students in CCISD.

Syamantak Payra and Emily Jue were awarded Student Teacher Innovative Grants in 2016 to enhance their science fair projects from CCEF. Thanks to the Arepalli-Karumuri Family Grant, CCEF is excited to have this new opportunity specifically for science fair project development and enhancements.