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Teacher Innovative Grants

 Application Process is NOW OPEN – January 31st, 2019!

  • Teachers apply for Teacher Innovative Grants to implement innovative, hands-on instructional ideas that enrich the classroom learning experience in academic areas such as math, science, language arts and technology.
  • Since inception in 1992, CCEF has provided over $2,500,000 for teachers to conduct innovative lesson plans for hands-on, real-world experiences inside the classrooms of CCISD.
  • The Foundation is proud to have recently funded 32 grants in the amount of $129,016.35 impacting 50 teachers at 21 campuses in Clear Creek ISD for the 2018 – 2019 school year.  The projected impact from this grant cycle is 41,048 students directly and indirectly with most of the grants being sustainable year after year.

2019-2020 Teacher Innovative Grant Guidelines

Summary’s and Photos of some Past Teacher Innovative Grants

2018-2019 Teacher Innovative Grants:

School Teacher Co-Applicant Name of Proposal Grant Sponsor Grant Summary
Bauerschlag Elementary Jenny Mullins Brandy Magdos Makerspace: An Innovative Upgrade Hometown Bank of League City The goal of this grant is to enrich our Makerspace with personalized learning experiences where students will come together to design, create and explore items of interest through inquiry-based, hands-on learning.
Bauerschlag Elementary Brandy Magdos STEAMing it up in the GT Program  at Bauerchlag, Parr, Landolt, White, and Stewart Elementaries Assistance League of the Bay Area Our goal is to fulfill the educational needs of the GT learners in CCISD by utilizing rigorous STEAM lessons that are specifically geared for the personalized instruction of our students to apply critical thinking skills to real world situations.
Bayside Intermediate Julie Edwards Fast and Furious Physics VLK Architects I would like to create a highly engaging physics lesson that will work to bridge intermediate science with high school physics and build interest in AP Physics courses.
Brookwood Elementary Julie Landry All Students Speak the Universal Language of LEGO Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union 2 Parts:Lego Education WeDo 2.0 programming and building for before/after school Lego club (weekly STEM challenges) and to be checked out in library.Lego bricks to be used in every math class K-5 (add,sub,arrays,multiplication,fractions, etc)
Clear Brook High Melinda Hutt Ozobots Stream in! LyondellBasell CBHS Library would like to support classroom instruction in beginning coding with a set of ozobots for teacher’s to check out.
Clear Brook High Stephen Ornburn Debbie Boehm Points, Polygons, Pythagoras, and Programming PBK Architects Students’ will improve their computational thinking through hands-on use of a robot ball called Sphero. Students will solve Geometry problems as part of programming their Spheros. In so doing, they will improve their processing skills in mathematics.
Clear Creek High Anne Woolweaver Raspberry Pi in the  classroom Fitness Center at South Shore CCEF Tennis Tournament I would use this grant to help enrich and enhance student academic achievement in the classroom by ordering 10 Raspberry Pi starter kits so that my students can use them for individualized learning projects.
Clear Horizons Valerie Kahlich Project for the Future Joe Barlow Business Professionals of America is a program which allows students to compete on regional, state, and national levels. Project for the future will supply students with the necessary technology to create products and present to a panel of judges.
Clear Horizons Brandon Billings Transform Learning with Thermal Transfer Chemical Process & Production Thermal Energy is difficult for students to conceptualize because it is hard to measure or view.  A thermal camera shows students where and how much energy is transfered.  Cameras will help students understand process in all aspects of science.
Clear Lake High Jennifer Barbee Shirley Cook-Dickey Smartphone Microscopes Joyce Abbey This is an easy way to convert student smartphones into a powerful microscope using just a  3-D printer and a glass bead to make a removable cover.
Clear Lake High Shirley Cook-Dickey Melinda Hutt A Novel Idea Assistance League of the Bay Area The CCISD HS libraries would like to extend and enhance Readers/Writer’s Workshop initiatives by providing to our students matching book titles for voluntary student led book discussions, collaborative explorations, and creative writing endeavors.
Clear Lake High Shirley Cook-Dickey If we build it, they will come! Gulf Coast Pipeline Services The geodesic dome in our library maker space has been such a hit that we would like to add several more construction projects for our students to build. Some would be build-and-take-down projects, & some would be forever-construction for our campus.
Clear Springs High Alexandra Farrington Body Farm: Time and Cause of Death Study Ron Carter Cadillac Hyundai Genesis Employees I want to create an authentic chicken “body” farm to study time and cause of death within a criminal investigation. I would build a permanent facility that would house this long term project annually.
Clear Springs High Amy King Rotating Spaces Maxim Group The project will promote student-initiated learning through innovation in a variety of makerspaces. The makerspaces will rotate through the same space through the year. The activities will then be available for teacher/student checkout.
Falcon Pass Elementary Deborah Adams A Spark of Genius – Sphero Sprk+ Programming INEOS Students of all ages learn to code by controlling Sphero SPRK+ robots through block based and text based java script programming.
Ferguson Elementary Cynthia Austin Karen Parker Academic Beats; Drum Up the Fun! Assistance League of the Bay Area By linking academic content with rhythmic movement, this program reinforces learning while giving students a brain and body workout.
Goforth Elementary Erin Mayo Jessica Jafari-Rouhani DrumFIT Assistance League of the Bay Area DrumFIT will benefit students physically and socially. It will motivate students to be actively engage by constantly moving their feet and keeping their heart rate up. DrumFit is a cardio-drumming program that is non-competitive.
Hall Elementary Stephanie King Archon Auzenne 3D for All to See…Imagine, Plan and Create! Generocity Services We would like to acquire a MakerBot 3D printer to enhance hands-on learning of design and engineering basics by students in our STEM Club modules, Maker Space and classrooms.
League City Intermediate Erin Logan Katie Batenhorst Make It or Take It Marathon Petroleum Make It or Take It will transform the library by providing makerspace materials and tools for students to use both on campus and at home, giving students more opportunities for personalized learning, enrichment, and exploration.
Mcwhirter Elementary Laura Casper-Teague Stephanie Todd Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Behavior Grow? Assistance League of the Bay Area The project focuses on creating a social story library to support students to develop appropriate pro-social learning behaviors during small group intervention and literacy.
Mcwhirter Elementary Laura Casper-Teague Stephanie Todd Cultivating Empathy Through Play IBI Architects Employees This grant seeks to provide special needs doll equipment to Pre-K, PPCD, and AA classes at McWhirter Elementary. The goal is to foster empathy, perspective taking, and social consciousness in young children.
North Pointe Elementary Susan Rizzo Daniel Nowak Virtual & Versatile Physical Education at Mossman Elementary and North Pointe Elementary Debusk Services Group & Texas Citizens Bank Catching the attention of students while turning PE into a virtual playground and creating student success in a fun and dynamic way.
Ralph Parr Elem Jason Goodsell Elizabeth Kimbley DrumFit at Parr Elementary, Ross Elementary & Hyde Elementary Assistance League of the Bay Area DrumFit is a fitness based drumming program that benefits both mental and physical health. Drumming is cross cultural and can lower stress and help with impulse control. Drumming increases neurological connections and influences self-expression.
Ross Elementary Crista Sereni Quaver K-5  Music Curriculum Assistance League of the Bay Area Quaver Music Curriculum is a comprehensive set of curriculum resources that include cross curricular lessons that align with core subjects built on standards-based lessons for a full 36-week school year.
Sandra Mossman Elem Brenda Sweeney Character Core Value Collaboration Resources CCISD Cabinet & Joiner Architects Our library is in need of character education books for general checkout to enhance our student collaboration based.We would like to add additional character education books to our character section in the library.
Space Center Intermediate Kacy Allensworth Ralph Hixson Forces and Motion Houston Methodist St. John’s Hospital 6th and 8th graders at Space Center would benefit from the hands on experience using the CPO car and ramp classroom set.  Forces & Motion TEKS are lower trending TEKS for our campus, and the use of this equipment would increase student achievement.
Space Center Intermediate Ann Thornton Catherine Mossburg The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (The Leader in Me) Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott, LLP We will support leadership skills with our students through the implementation of the intermediate version of the Leader in Me. We will integrate the 7 habits in all classes and utilize common vocabulary to help our students fulfill their potential.
Ward Elementary Debra Klein Julie Sorensen Full STEM Ahead LyondellBasell At Ward, our mission is to inspire passion for learning and build confidence in problem solving. The Rigamajig construction sets will empower students to achieve limitless possibilities. This project is an extension of our existing Makerspace Zone.
Whitcomb Elementary Jennifer Vargas IndePENdence Carol & Jim Saxe The C-Pen Reader, or IndePENdence, will give struggling readers the benefit of accessing grade level curriculum.  This user-friendly tool will remove barriers of decoding grade-level texts while bolstering students’ independence and self-esteem.
Whitcomb Elementary Tonya Bentley Jade Michalak IndePENdence Clear Lake Regional Medical Center The C-Pen Reader, or IndePENdence, will give struggling readers the benefit of accessing grade level curriculum for students in third-fifth grade.  This user-friendly tool will remove the barriers of decoding grade-level texts while bolstering stude
Whitcomb Elementary Jade Michalak Tonya Bentley IndePENdence Balfour IndePENdence will be used to provide curriculum access to struggling readers in third-fifth grade by removing the barrier of decoding grade-level texts and increasing the students’ independence and self-esteem through the use of the C-Pen Reader.
Whitcomb Elementary Terri Smider Explore the Amazing Possibilities with Cubelets! IBI Architects Students will learn the universal language of coding with Cubelets by programing the robots in various ways or building another totally different robot. Cubelets are perfect for inspiring individual exploration and fostering collaborative learning.


2017-2018 Teacher Innovative Grants:

School First Last Co-Applicant Name of Proposal  Funded Amount Sponsors
Armand Bayou Elementary Mary Caruth Anne-Marie Krenek Techie Trotters $1,482.50 Carol & Jim Saxe (Putt Putt Funhouse)
Bauerschlag Elementary Iva Walker Crafting Young Minds $5,000 MaximGroup
Bauerschlag Elementary Brandy Magdos Jenny Mullins To Cube or Not to Cube $2,697 Hydrochem
Bayside Intermediate Julie Edwards Bob Dortch Innovative Inertia $2,700 Durotech
Brookside Intermediate Robert Lawing Aimee Weldon Online leveled reading groups $700 IBI Group Employees
Brookwood Elementary Julie Landry Building Tomorrow’s Leaders at BWE…..A STEM Project  $4,987.42 Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union
Clear Creek High School Joey Segura Michael McGregor Bubble Suit Physics $2,799 LyondellBasell
Clear Creek High School Kortney Field James Paige Breakout EDU $4,000 Balfour
Clear Creek High School Shawn Mosley CLHS & CCHS Pilot Program $5,000 Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott, LLP
Clear Falls High School Doris Herrmann Amanda Psarovarkas The Village Goes Virtual $5,000 VLK Architects
Clear Falls High School Emily Morris From Garbage to Goodness $3,120 Debusk Services Group
Clear Lake City Elementary Jennifer Penders Geni Rolater A World of Wonder $1,925.92 Norman Frede Chevrolet
Clear Lake High School Heather Jefferson CLHS & CCHS Pilot Program $5,000 Gulf Coast Pipeline Services
Clear Lake Intermediate Brooke Brockmyre Breakout EDU: Students Collaborating to Solve Problems $2,250 Texas Citizens Bank
Clear Lake Intermediate Antoinette Longino Jill Brown Using Robots to Learn Newton’s Laws $3,210 Icon Bank
Clear Path Molly Kistler Growing Confidence $2,060 Assistance League of the Bay Area
Clear Springs High School Robert Lawing Ami Smith Reading as Problem Solving $3,200 Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott, LLP
Creekside Intermediate Robert Lawing Online leveled reading groups  $700 Jennifer & Joe McKinney
Falcon Pass Elementary Deborah Adams Pint-sized Pi Programmers $5,000 Primrose of Clear Lake
Falcon Pass Elementary Courtney Minyard Valerie Eadie EGGS-ellent Incubators! $885 CCISD Cabinet
Falcon Pass Elementary Deborah Adams Makey-Makey Learning Fun! $2,400 Barrios Technology; Comprehensive Cardiology – Dr. Raj Bhalla
Gilmore Elementary Robert Lawing Zandy Harrison Alternative Seating for Deaf Education Kindergarten  $1,020 IBI Group Employees
Greene Elementary Bianca Zelenski Michelle Brown Mobile Career Lab  $4,714.12 PBK
Hyde Elementary Kortney Peterson Unique Ukuleles  $1,587.92 South Shore Grille
League City Elementary Christina Daugherty-Hill Tammi Pickering Planting the Seeds for Our Future through STEM  $4,857.79 Marathon Petroleum
League City Intermediate Richard Brockway Sovereign Steelin’ Cats $3,400 League City Intermediate PTA; AMOCO Federal Credit Union
McWhirter Elementary Jodi Singer Fine Motor Literacy and Math Stations for Kindergarten and First Grade  $3,500 INEOS ICAN Foundation
Seabrook Intermediate Erin Irvine Author! Author! $1,004 Ron Carter Cadillac Hyundai Genesis Employees; IBI Group Employees
Seabrook Intermediate Erin Irvine Making with Ultimaker 3! $3,784.75 Houston Methodist St. John’s Hospital
Stewart Elementary Robyn Marrie LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION! $2,900 Moody National Bank; Mike & Mimi Huss
Stewart Elementary Geralyn Kiser Victoria Tamez Read, Think, Make: Choosing to Learn Through Makerspace $3,386 Joiner Partnership Architects
Victory Lakes Intermediate Darlene Schlitzberger Will Thomas TERRIFIC $3,500 IBI Group
Victory Lakes Intermediate Katrina Zannier Darlene Schlitzberger Empowering Discovery $2,500 Jonathan Cottrell; Lewis Jewelers
Victory Lakes Intermediate Andree Newport Joe Peacock Light it Up! $5,000 Chemical Process and Production
Victory Lakes Intermediate Christina Davidson 3Doodling Science! $999 Friends and Family of Gary Renola; Katy & Bill Bastedo
Weber Elementary Nancy Lamont Music All Around Our Education Town $5,000 Raymond James Financial Services:  Sally Branson & Harris Hanson
Weber Elementary Melissa Chavez YES! Yoga Empowering Students $1,500 McRee Ford
Westbrook Intermediate Tiffany Deschler Power of a Seed $5,000 Assistance League of the Bay Area
Whitcomb Elementary Miriam Bailey “CollaboraTech” – Blending collaborative learning and technology integration to enhance student achievement  $5,000 South Shore Fitness Center CCEF Tennis Tournament
White Elementary Sparkles Jones Patricia Darnall Stepping Into Stem $3,000 ExxonMobil – Deborah Davis; Pam & Greg Ploss


2016 – 2017 Teacher Innovative Grants:

Campus Name Name of Proposal  Grant Amount Sponsor
Bauerschlag Elementary Brandy Magdos SPRKing Their Imagination $4,880 Bauerschlag PTA
Bayside Intermediate Julie Edwards Google Cardboard: Using Virtual Reality to Improve Writing in the Classroom $5,000 Joiner Partnership Architects
Clear Brook High Hope Taub Molecular Gas What? tronomy $2,000 Balfour
Clear Brook High Ryan Davies Robot Virtual Fields $599 Lockheed Martin
Clear Brook High Kerry Whitfill Electroplating Jewelry – The Chemistry of Art $1,350 Lewis Jewelers
Clear Brook High Patricia Medina Arduino $2,970 DeBusk Services Group
Clear Creek High Stacey Lange Sense You Asked $2,420 CCEF Tennis Tournament
Clear Creek Intermediate David Golden Campus Archaeology $1,100 Ron Carter Cadillac Hyundai Employees
Clear Creek Intermediate Dawn Marcantel CCIS Taction Action Makerspace $5,000 Marathon Petroleum
Clear Creek Intermediate Jana Hackett Google Cardboard VR in the Classroom $4,374 Steve Jackson; Mimi & Mike Huss
Clear Falls High Leah Bossi Knight Corp $2,550 Icon Bank
Clear Falls High Carla Burris Health Science Education through the Village $5,000 HEB Tournament of Champions
Clear Horizons Natandra McGill Visuals for Visualizing Life $1,400 HydroChem
Clear Lake High Heather Jefferson CLHS Fashion Line $5,000 Gulf Coast Pipeline Services
Clear Lake High Shirley Dickey If at first you don’t succeed, RECYCLE! $850 CCISD Cabinet and Board of Trustees
Clear Path Molly Kistler Making Physics Make Sense $900 HomeTown Bank of League City
Clear Springs High Ashlie Paige Manure Collecting Rabbit Hutches $1,400 McRee Ford
Clear Springs High Ashley Highsmith Order’s Up! $800 South Shore Grille
Clear Springs High Karen Haddad &  Ivanell George What’s in the Bayou $5,000 BP Texas City Chemicals and PBK Architects
Creekside Intermediate Alberto Perez Courtroom on Wheels $3,000 Chemical Process and Production
Falcon Pass Elementary Kristie Graves nolij to knowledge $2,884 Primrose of Clear Lake
Landolt Elementary Vicki Mangum Precept Project – Producing Great Writers Through 180 Days of Character Building $2,608 VLK Architects
League City Elementary Nicole Transou Mustang Makerspace $3,000 Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union
League City Intermediate Scarlett Walker Multi-sensory=Multi-learning $3,800 League City Intermediate PTA
League City Intermediate Madeline Boehning Personalization and Pop Culture Improve Writing $5,000 League City Intermediate PTA
Ross Elementary Brandy Magdos Creative Learning Frame by Frame $2,706 Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Ross Elementary Catherine Wampler Developing Character through Literacy $3,405 Durotech
Ross Elementary Angela Deschner Building Background with Vivid Vocabulary $1,100 Norman Frede Chevrolet
Sandra Mossman Elementary Christine Hawthorne Knight to Knight – A Science Festival $947 Dr. Sandra and Gary Mossman
Victory Lakes Intermediate Katrina Zannier Victory Lakes Destination Exploration – Explore, Learn, Create and Innovate! $2,750 MaximGroup
Whitcomb Elementary Miriam Bailey DASH-ing into the future: Inspiring Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Skills Across the Curricula Through the Use of Interactive Programmable Robots $4,040 Raymond James Financial Services
White Elementary Tamiko Brown Take-Home Makerspace $10,000 Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott