National Board Teacher Certification

Congratulations to Angela Vong of Clear Brook High School, Sue Gutierrez and Cynthia Bazen of Weber Elementary, and Ruth Baxter of Westbrook Intermediate for becoming the most recent CCISD teachers to earn their National Board Certification.   

National Board Teacher Certification

  • CCEF encourages teachers to achieve the highest and most rigorous standards set by the U.S. Department of Education by offering financial support upon completion.
  • Pushes teaching standards to the highest level.
  • 19 teachers have accomplished this feat with the help of CCEF since 2007.

Financial Support

The Clear Creek Education Foundation reimburses $633.00 a year for 3 years, as long as you are employed by CCISD, as well as annual $75 registration fee.   Submit the following for reimbursement:

  • Name and address for payment
  • Financial statement showing paid fees (registration fee may be reimbursed annually)
  • Proof of Achieved Certification

Information may be submitted by email to or directed to CCEF at the CCISD/ESC.

Please notify us if you receive funding support from other entities.  Some teachers receive grants/financial support from sponsors or donors. CCEF will reimburse the remaining balance.

If you have questions please contact Deborah Laine, Executive Director at 281.284.0031.


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