Special Innovative Grants

Special Innovative Grant Applications are NOW OPEN - JUNE 15TH!

A Special Innovative Grant (SIG) is a large grant amount of up to $50,000 designed to encourage and support innovative teaching and learning on a large scale.  

The Foundation awarded a Special Innovative Grant for $48,690 to Julie Edwards and Toni Longino at Bayside Intermediate School! The "Star Lab for Secondary Schools" is a grant that focuses on areas such as space and earth science. The digital star lab is a 360 degree dome, large enough to walk in and hold a full class of high school students. The dome offers curriculum support on topics such as moon phases, seasons, life cycle of stars, plate tectonics, layers of the earth and rock cycles. This grant is a district-wide initiative that will impact 17,000 kids from 6th grade to 12th grade, made possible by the tremendous support received from our Quarter Century Club Partners.

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