Teacher Innovative Grant in Action at Clear Lake High School

In case you missed last week’s Foundation Friday post. This Pilot Program at Clear Lake High School and Clear Creek High School gives students control of daily operations of a small business such as employee scheduling, business financials, inventory control and profit margins.This inspires them to be creative and think of new ways to increase revenue and market their product while preparing them for the real world.

Thanks to Gulf Coast Pipeline Services and Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott LLC a $10,000 Teacher Innovative Team Grant was awarded to Heather Jefferson at Clear Lake High School and Shawn Mosley at Clear Creek High School.

The final items that were purchased with the grant money at Clear Lake High School were a new Point of Sales System and Flyer Display Boxes. “One of the best improvements at The Lake Shop this year is our new Point of Sale System….. it’s Touchscreen! It allows our students to manage our lines faster, check inventory, analysis profit margins, research what items are selling or not! Best of all, skills learned by our students can be transferred to outside employment! Thanks CCEF! We love our new POS!” said Ms. Jefferson. The Falcon Flyer Community Display Box is used for promotional and informational pieces. “With grant funds, students designed a Falcon Flyer Community Bulletin Board! Its open to all who want to get the word out! BONUS … its right in front of our lunch line!” said Ms. Jefferson.

Stay tuned for the next Foundation Friday to see what was able to be purchased at Clear Creek High School!