Teacher Innovative Grant in Action at Clear Lake Intermediate

“Using Robots to Learn Newton’s Laws” is a Teacher Innovative Grant awarded to Antoinette Longino and Jill Brown at Clear Lake Intermediate. In science courses, there is a big push towards STEM projects that integrate science to technology, engineering and math. Students are able to use the Ozbot Evo units to code logical procedures that demonstrate Newton’s laws as they relate to speed, acceleration, velocity, and graphing motion. They are also able to code the Evo’s and create a motion graph that can be used to generate science writing.

“The kids have been very excited to use the bots and the students who have not yet been able to use them keep asking when their turn will come,” Ms. Longino stated. “The students have used the bots integrated with their science standards and it has made them very excited about trying new things and experimenting. The level of engagement from all of the students goes way up when we integrate the lesson with Ozobots and is getting our kids excited about science!”

This Teacher Innovative Grant was generously sponsored by Icon Bank of Texas.